Does He Like Me – 5 Signs That He Likes You.

I Like Him…But…Does He Like Me?

You like him!…So how can you figure out if he ‘Likes you or not’. Almost all guys will send out mixed signs which often times make it really unclear for most girls to know whether he likes them or not. You’ll never be 100 % sure about whether he likes you or not…Don’t despair…There are certain signs to watch for. Read on to learn some of the signs to help you know whether he likes you or not.

Does He Like Me – 5 Signs That He Likes You!

1) He smiles at you a lot…When a guy likes a girl he tends to smile more than a guy who’s just a friend when he is looking at you. You can always tell from a guys smile whether he likes you or not… Simply on the way he smiles. If he gives you an invited smile then he definitely does like you.

2) Looks for ways or excuses to talk with you…If a guy really likes you and wants to get to know you better than he’ll use any possible reason to get in a conversation with you…And of course he’ll want to get your attention as much as possible. The easiest way to know whether he likes you or not is to merely read between his lines. When a guy typically tends to like a girl he would always give small hints while talking to you that he really likes you and would love to go out with you.

3) You’ll catch his staring at you… This is likely among the most dependable way to know whether he likes you or not. If he likes you…Then he would stare at you in a different way than how he looks at other people.

4) He keeps looking at you…If he’s really interested in he’ll keep looking towards you direction even after you guys have had a few words. E.G…He would keep looking at you even if you go by him. The easiest way to discover whether he’s looking or not is to just turn your head and catch him staring at you.

5) He’s always looking for ways to impress you…When a guy keep trying to impress you than he unquestionably likes you. If he is always looking his best around you and tries to act in his behavior than he is definitely does likes you…And he’s waiting for an signal from you that your interested in him too.

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