***Maybe Your Panties Label Should Read: CautionFlammable

Sometimes the fire dies. The flame doesnt have get enough oxygen and the embers are left to fizzle out. I am talking about passion in the bedroom. The steamy feelings that keep you occupied in wrapped sheets and your lovers limbs.

Busy schedules, stress and age can all decrease those sexy and intimate feels. There are a lot of options for rekindling the passion in your love life: sexual enhancement products, aphrodisiacs, romantic get aways and sexy lingerie. Often underestimated, your under garments can have a huge impact on your sex life, as well as boosting your self-esteem. An easy way to break out of the monotony of everyday is the spice up whats under that business suit, dress or even your jeans.

Women, we see ourselves as gifts to our partners, so why dont we wrap ourselves up with lacy panties and matching bras. Lingerie shopping as couples can really help to reestablish sexual interest between you and your partner. Specialty boutiques and household name companies like Victoria Secret and Fredricks of Hollywood focus on helping the everyday woman become the sexual warrior shes holding inside. When you shop for intimate garments together, you are both displaying interest and supporting sexual behavior. Letting your man have a say in the undergarments you wear gives him something to day dream about during board meetings or while hes stuck behind his computer. Its a tease. How will he be able to focus on anything else we he cant stop thinking about you in that little corseted number with sheer panties?

If you want sex to gain some precedence in your life, you have to get it on the brain. Dont underestimate your ability to tease with something that push-ups, he can see through or there isnt a crotch. You may need to be dressed to go out the door, but there is no reason why you cant stroll around the house in nothing more than your underwear. Men say they enjoy the surprise of sexy undergarments beneath a business suit or common everyday clothes. It sends off a signal that their lady cares about herself and embraces her own beauty and sexuality. As far as what they like to see, that is a personal preference for most men. Some want more covered so they can leave more to the imagination, while others prefer see through or barely there. If your man doesnt know his favorites, then its time to explore.

Men, you arent off the hook. There are things you can do to spice up whats under your clothes to add more sexual value between you and your partner. Get real boxers! Cartoon characters, beer mugs and clever sayings have their time and place, but nothing can kill a mood faster than you dropping trough to reveal Bart Simpson covering your junk. You too can ask for assistance when shopping for undergarments. Another area where men can spend more time is on their private area. Well groomed private parts make women more interested in doing something with those private areas. Good hygiene can take you far in life, including your sex life. She wants to feel every inch of your skin, so keep it fresh, smooth and clean. I am not saying go get it waxed, but lotion on those tough areas can make a world of difference. Cologne or aftershave can also trigger sexual reactions in a woman. Getting a little of your fragrance on her in the morning before a parting embrace can leave your sent and thoughts of you lingering in her mind throughout the day.

There is still hope for your sex life. Its easy to get caught up in routines and forget that a good foundation (your underwear) can bring back excitement and flare. Its about teasing and keeping those impulses lingering. Soon, you will give oxygen to the fire and the passion will burn bright and strong. You can burn steady or ignite your whole bedroom in flames. Maybe your panties label should read: cautionflammable.

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