What Do Women Want During Sex? Top Secrets She Wants in Bed

When having sex with your girl, have you ever tried to be attuned with her body language? I hope you weren’t just concentrating on your own personal glory on this one. Sex is something you’re supposed to both enjoy. When things get a little too heated up and you’re both itching to get into the bedroom, why don’t you try a little different tactic this time? Know how to pleasure her more and get her absolutely blown away with these techniques to satisfy her — below are a few things on what do women want during sex — and get her screaming your name during your little bed session:

* Mentally stimulating her first. Don’t jump to bed the first thing after she walks in that door. For Cripes sake, have a little heart, my friend. She’s a girl and she needs to be taken slowly but surely. When meeting up, try talking to her first — about good topics of course. She will be in the mood sooner and later.

* A nice slow foreplay. Before making love with a woman, foreplay should never be skipped — ever. Foreplay is like your round trip ticket to your dream destination. And believe me, you will enjoy the ride. Take time to appreciate the scenery and humps and bumps — you’ll definitely get to where you’re headed.

* Naughty and dirty talking. Dirty talking is a skill and the more you practice on that one, the more it’s going to be one hot and steamy bed sessions for you and your girl in the future. Dirty talking is also one way to get someone totally turned-on — or more heated up during sex. So go ahead and let her know she’s stimulating you real good.

* Letting her know you’re feeling good. When she’s moaning and groaning for pleasure, it’s also one way for her tell you that she wants to know if you’re having a great time as much as she does. You don’t have to be totally loud and jumpy in bed to let her know about that — a few grunts and calling her by her name can do the trick.

* Cuddling right after. Women want to be cuddled right after sex — it’s a great way to stay linked together after getting physically intimate. You see, women sometimes orgasm during foreplay, that’s why when it’s you’re turn to orgasm, she’s all fired up for more — thus, the need to cuddle.

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