Buying Pheromones – The Secret To Buying Pheromones For Pleasure

Before you rush out and buy pheromones ask yourself whether the product you are about to spend your hard earned cash on is the real deal.

You see, buying pheromones today is as easy as getting online and clicking the order button but if you don’t know anything about them and are simply buying because you’ve heard they are the ‘easy shortcut’ to passion then think again.

The fact is, there are more and more pheromone products coming onto the market every day and it is a burgeoning market. Let’s take a look at some of the factors you need to consider before buying pheromones.

Which Pheromones Work?

Perhaps the question you should be asking is am I actually buying human pheromones? This is important because unless you are not of human persuasion then what’s the point of wearing a product whose main ingredient is animal pheromones.

If you are looking for an animal response then this is not the article you should be reading and all I can suggest is maybe hire a costume from a fancy dress shop and dress up like a bear or a dog or whatever animal takes your fancy.

Whatever product you decide to buy make sure it’s a human pheromone formulation.

Another point to consider is the strength of the product. Be careful not to be swayed into thinking the stronger the formulation the better chance you have of attracting a partner.

Yes, strength like size does matter however, when buying pheromones you should pay particular attention to how much the formulation is optimized with human pheromones.

The same rules apply to wearing the product. Many people using pheromones for the first time will splash on their cologne or perfume in large quantities and then expect to instantly transform themselves into an object of desire.

All this really serves to do is waste the product unnecessarily and hurt your hip pocket. One or two short sprays or dabs to the wrist or neckline is sufficient.

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